Help us get the $1,700 match before 12/31!

Alisha W 1

Our goal is to provide safe, satisfying care to all.

Our generous Board of Directors has just pledged a $1,700 end-of-year match! Donate now and DOUBLE your donation with the match. We’ll put it right to work in 2017 to ensure individuals and families get the best possible care. Donate Now >>

Here’s how your donation will make a difference in 2017:
$25-$50 will support a prenatal class scholarship.
$100 will provide lactation support to a new mother.
$250 will provide comprehensive primary GYN care to a client.
$500 will provide 250 postpartum calls to mothers in need of support.
$1,000 will provide prenatal care to a client with financial need.
$2,500 will support childbirth care for a growing family.
$5,000 will support a new midwife fellow.

Make a donation now on our secure donation page.

Thank you,
The Midwife Center Staff & Board

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