Announcing our new addition!


Big news: We’re opening our expansion tomorrow, March 1!

We are thrilled to announce that our expanded birth center is opening tomorrow, making The Midwife Center the largest birth center in the nation! Thank you to all of our clients and friends who were patient during construction and who supported our campaign to expand our birth center.

That means more individuals and their families now have access to safe, satisfying primary gynecological care, prenatal care, and childbirth services. And starting in the spring, The Midwife Center will begin to offer behavioral health services for all clients.

We plan to have a grand opening celebration in the next month or so. Stay tuned for details.

** If you’re a client or have an upcoming appointment, please see our Q&A below. **

Photos: New spaces and expanded services

Two beautiful new birth suites, Mountain and Meadow (below)
Plus more space for family and labor support people


Roomy tubs for water birth
Plus new techniques for comfort in labor including Nitrous Oxide and birth swings


A larger and more comfortable waiting room


A large classroom and community space

More exam rooms and appointment availability for all of our services, including gynecological care
We also plan to start offering behavioral health services in the spring.


A new entrance
Come spring, we’ll plant trees and shrubs to make our new entrance beautiful. Our entrance also includes bricks with messages from supporters who purchased a brick during our Buy a Brick campaign. You can still purchase a brick, engrave a personalized message, and support TMC’s expansion.


Expanded center Q&A

How do I get into the building, and where can I park?
Our front door is now on the side of our new building. Look for the double glass doors. You may access our front door from Penn Avenue or from the parking lot behind our building. Please ring the doorbell and our front office will unlock the front door. Take the elevator or stairwell up to the second floor to our new waiting room and front office.

Please note that our address will soon change to 2831 Penn Ave.

Please see our website for new information about car parking, bike racks, and transit.

I’m a prenatal client and planning a birth center birth. What are my options now?
The Meadow, Mountain, and Forest rooms are now available for labor and birth. We are now able to offer water birth in our new birth tubs in the Mountain and Meadow rooms, Nitrous Oxide in all three rooms, birth swings in the Mountain and Meadow rooms, as well as additional comfort techniques. If you are interested in water birth or have questions about other comfort techniques or the new birth suites, please ask your provider at your next appointment.

Our Ocean and Desert rooms are now considered “swing rooms,” which means that their primary function will be to provide space for family members and support people during labor. Our Desert Room will be used as a call room for our midwives and nurses, offering them a place to rest close to the other birth suites. Both rooms can quickly be converted into birth suites if needed.

As before, our midwives will continue to help clients have their babies at our primary referral hospital, UPMC Mercy, if desired or needed.

I have an upcoming appointment (gynecological, prenatal, postpartum, etc.). Where will it be?
Your appointment will take place in one of our second floor exam rooms, either in the original or new section of the building.

One of our new exam rooms has an accessible exam table, making it easier for clients who use wheelchairs, assistive devices, or have activity limitations, to transfer to the exam table.

Will you still take my insurance?
We are committed to keeping our services as accessible and affordable as possible. We will continue to accept most private insurance plans, medical assistance plans (Medicaid), and have options for individuals who do not have insurance, including sliding-scale care. Learn more about insurance and payment.

What about With Woman Fridays?
We’ll continue our popular walk-in gynecological program, With Woman Fridays/Con Mujeres, every Friday from 12:30-5:30pm. Learn more about With Woman Fridays and Con Mujeres (for Spanish-speaking clients).

Where will my prenatal class take place?
If you have an upcoming class (Childbearing Essentials, Breastfeeding, Childbirth Refresher or Newborn Care), your class will take place in either our new classroom or in our original waiting room. This means if your class was originally scheduled at the Milk Bank, it’s now at TMC. Please give us a call at 412.321.6880 if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for new classes and community groups starting later this year!

One response to “Announcing our new addition!

  1. Sarah LaGrand

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for all of you at TMC, as well as for the families who will be able to use this lovely space!

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