COVID-19 Update Letter IV

Dear TMC Clients and Families,

We are writing to you for a quick update as our Covid-19 numbers in Allegheny County and SW PA region are currently on the rise. We wanted to remind you of the safety measures we have in place and to ask that you do your best to keep your family and our TMC community safe during this uncertain time. 

  • Please wear masks at all times when out in public; Please wash your hands after coming into contact with high-touch surfaces or use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available
  • When in our building please keep your mask on covering both your nose and mouth
  • We are reminding you to PLEASE come to your office visits alone. We are happy to video conference your support people into your visit, but we can’t currently have any additional people in our building for office visits. If a support person comes with you, we will have to ask them to step outside to wait for your visit to be completed
  • As a reminder, no children are able to attend your visits with you at this time Please let our office know immediately if you have exposure or concerns about exposure to Covid-19
  • If you have traveled out of state recently or are planning to travel out of state please message or call TMC 412-321-6880 option ‘6’ to discuss options for possible additional precautions
  • Please do not come to an in-person visit if you have any symptoms of illness; If you are feeling sick at all please page the Midwife on Call at 412-321-6880 option ‘5’

Thank you for your hard work to help our TMC community stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. We appreciate your help!

TMC Providers and Staff