Alicia Vervain

Community Engagement Coordinator

Alicia Vervain joined The Midwife Center team as the Community Engagement Coordinator in September 2022. She previously held a position with Allegheny Reproductive Health Center as an abortion counselor and full-spectrum doula, the latter of which she had been doing for five years and looks forward to doing again.

Alicia graduated from Allegheny College with a double major both in Communication Arts and in Community & Justice Studies with a focus on intersectional identity. After a couple years working for a domestic violence shelter, she moved to Pittsburgh in 2018 with her husband and their two cats.

The umbrella of reproductive and sexual health, rights, and education has been a foundational passion for Alicia since she witnessed the birth of a sibling at ten years old. She strives to provide a trauma-informed and radically authentic approach to all interactions within the community, with a critical self-examination and respectful mindfulness of all races, cultural heritages, genders, sexualities, ages, and disabilities. Joining TMC in this capacity while surrounded by equally passionate and compassionate people is a dream come true.

Off the clock, Alicia enjoys taking in stories through any possible medium - be that books, audiobooks, podcasts, TV, movies, tabletop or video games - as well as writing her own. She is a spoken word poet and performer, belly dancer, and first-time mom to wonderful and hilarious twins.