Behavioral Health & Wellness

The Midwife Center now offers short-term behavioral health and wellness services to clients.

As part of our vision to provide all clients with individualized, person-centered, and holistic care, The Midwife Center will begin to offer optional, short-term, in-house counseling and wellness services to all clients.

We recognize that the experiences of pregnancy and birth can be emotionally complicated and clients often benefit from extra support during this time. We also recognize that clients who come to us for gynecological care outside of pregnancy may find it helpful to sort out feelings related to one’s own body and reproductive health in a safe and compassionate way. We offer clients the opportunity to do so with services that are relationally-oriented, empathic, and confidential.

Clients who may especially benefit from these services include those who have experienced perinatal loss, infertility, past birth trauma or other past trauma including sexual abuse, problems with body image, past history of dependency on substances, or previous difficulties including depression, OCD, or anxiety.

We also welcome any client who simply may wish to have some extra time and space to reflect on their concerns and hopes as they journey through their childbearing years. Our focus is on welcoming and “being with" all of our clients, wherever each person is.

For more information about the behavioral health and wellness services at The Midwife Center, please call 412.321.6880.

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