The Midwife Center and Healthy Start, Inc. Pittsburgh are excited to partner to offer Centering Pregnancy, or group prenatal care, at The Midwife Center. Centering Pregnancy will be led by a TMC's midwife and a Healthy Start team member.

DeJané Dozier, MSN, CNM with a client in an exam room at The Midwife Center.

What is Centering Pregnancy?

Centering Pregnancy is an evidence-based program that allows clients to have more time with a provider, engage in conversation, and learn about nutrition, stress management, breastfeeding, labor, delivery, and more. Centering Pregnancy along with midwife-led care have been demonstrated to improve maternal and infant health outcomes and reduce racial disparities.

Centering Pregnancy is for all clients, whether it is your first pregnancy or you already have children. It is a great option if you are looking for additional support and to form friendships with other pregnant clients going through the same pregnancy milestones as you.

What do appointments look like?

Like all TMC clients, the first visit includes an hour long intake or “New OB” visit one on one with  provider at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. Clients will then start 2-hour long Centering Pregnancy group prenatal visits as the next visit at 12-16 weeks. There will be a total of 10 Centering visits, which follows the recommended timing of standard prenatal visits.

Clients within each group will have an estimated due date within the same month. Each visit, we will have open discussion about various topics related to pregnancy. Clients will be involved in their own care by checking their own blood pressure and weight. There will be one on one time with a provider during the group visit for “belly checks” and individual questions.

Once full term at 37 weeks, clients will have weekly individual prenatal visits in between Centering Pregnancy group visits. 

Additional details:

  • Clients can bring one support person
  • Children are ok to bring if needed, but we ask that clients try to pre-arrange childcare
  • New clients can join up through group visit #3 (20-24 weeks visit)
  • Up to 8 clients per group

Getting Started with Centering Pregnancy

For current TMC clients: If you are a current TMC client, please contact us through your chart in our Electronic Health Record, Maternity Neighborhood, or ask your provider about Centering at your next appointment to get connected.

For new/prospective clients: If you are interested in learning more about Centering Pregnancy at The Midwife Center or ready to get started, here's what you need to know:

  1. Visit our Start Prenatal Care page for details on becoming a client.
  2. Join us for Orientation. We offer a weekly orientation on Tuesdays via Zoom and an in-person orientation once a month. Visit our class calendar to find dates, times, and registration information.
  3. Fill out the Start Prenatal Care form when you are ready to establish care. Our staff will follow up with you within a few days and walk you through the steps to set up an appointment and join Centering Pregnancy.

Start Prenatal Care