Covid-19 Safety Precautions

In order to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and to keep our clients, staff, and community safe, we are implementing safety protocols.

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Choosing The Midwife Center

Imagine welcoming your baby into this world in a calm, peaceful environment surrounded by loved ones and qualified health care professionals. You wear your own clothing, eat and drink, labor and birth in whatever position feels best for you and your baby, free from IVs or continuous fetal monitoring, unless medically necessary. After your baby is here, you are able to go home 4-12 hours after birth and enjoy the comfort of your own home, knowing that you will be seen by TMC nurses typically within the next 24-48 hours, and no more than 72 hours after birth, for a full exam for yourself and your new baby.

This is the care we provide at The Midwife Center. We believe that pregnancy and birth are a normal, natural part of life and that our job is to ensure your safety and comfort during this time. We provide high-quality, evidence-based care. We follow the national standards set by The American Association of Birth Centers, are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and we are nationally accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. Learn more below.* Too many women in the United States are subjected to prenatal and birth care that is "one size fits all." At TMC, we provide individualized care that specifically fits the needs of each of our clients and their families.

We believe that pregnancy and birth are a normal, natural part of life

Additionally, we are able to provide services that are rarely offered in the Pittsburgh area. This includes the use of nitrous oxide for pain relief in labor and the option to labor and/or birth in water. Learn more about our birth center birth option.

Our home-like facility is located on Penn Avenue in the Strip District. The first floor of our center houses three nature-themed birth suites, each with its own large bathroom with a tub, our family kitchen and extra space for family members and support people for clients in labor. Upstairs is a large waiting room, classroom, appointment rooms, a lab, a behavioral health and wellness room, and administrative offices. Our extensive library is available to clients as well. Take a virtual tour of our birth center.

Like all CNMs, our midwives are certified by examination through the American College of Nurse-Midwives or the American College of Nurse-Midwives Certification Council and licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine.

Our midwives also have privileges at our primary referral hospital, UPMC Magee, which means we can help you have your baby at the hospital if the medical need arises. 

Our birth center mixes the comforts of a home-like environment with the safety of high quality health care. The Midwife Center has been serving our community since 1982 and has excellent safety statistics that can be viewed on our stats page.

The midwives and nurses at The Midwife Center gave me an extraordinary high standard of care when it came to the physical needs of myself and my baby. What sets them apart is the care they provided for my emotional needs after a long labor. They understood what I was going through and created a safe and welcoming environment when I was at my most vulnerable. - Kelly, a client

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