Core Class Descriptions

This page includes information about The Midwife Center's Core Classes, which include: Childbearing Essentials, Childbirth Refresher, HypnoBirthing, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care

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You may purchase an individual Core Class, but we also offer a Core Class Bundle. Please note we do not offer bundle pricing for non-clients of The Midwife Center. A scholarship fund is available for clients who meet income requirements.

Birth Center Orientation & Tour

Learn about receiving prenatal care at The Midwife Center as well as the birth center birth option. You’ll also get to tour the birth center. Please call 412.321.6880 to schedule an orientation. Cost: $0

Core Class Bundle

Take three of our core prenatal classes at a discount. This bundle includes Childbearing Essentials, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care. This bundle is $200, approximately a 10% discount.

Childbearing Essentials

This class is meant to be completed prior to your 36th week of pregnancy. This is a 9-hour childbirth preparation course taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator through Bloom Birth Concierge. 

During this time, we will cover the physiology of birth from the third trimester of pregnancy through labor, birth, and postpartum. Our focus will be on unmedicated childbirth and will cover the process of labor and birth. We will also go over comfort techniques, including hands-on practice in class. Through this course you will gain an understanding of labor and birth, learn about evidence based best practices, become familiar with relaxation and comfort techniques, and build confidence as prepare for birth. Cost: $125


This class is offered to all individuals interested in learning more about breastfeeding between the 33rd to 37th week of pregnancy. If this is your first baby or you have breastfed before and need a refresher on new information available, the information you need is condensed in a fun, informal class. Your partner is encouraged to attend, as well as any other family members. This comprehensive class includes: breast care & problems, positioning & latch-on, how often/how long to nurse, how to determine if your baby is getting enough, pumping/storing milk and more. Cost: $60

Newborn Care

What are the first few hours like? When do I call the pediatrician? Why is my baby doing that? And what do I do now?! Get the answers you need, and gain the skills to feel empowered and confident with your brand new little one. 

This class is designed to teach you about safety and basics, with a dash of fun. You will learn how to prepare for the safety of your newborn, what to expect, and signs of health or illness. Baby basics will be covered, such as bathing, diapering, cord care, and holding a newborn. We will also offer information about baby wearing, cloth diapering, soothing, and safe sleeping. In addition, we will provide resources and suggestions to keep you informed and connected as your baby continues to grow. Cost: $40

Childbearing Refresher

This course is a review of childbearing essentials for those expecting mothers who have had a prior labor and delivery, or have had a hospital birth, and are planing to have a Birth Center birth. The course will direct its attention to body conditioning, progression of labor, relaxation techniques and labor support. If this is your first pregnancy, it is highly recommended that you take the Childbearing Essentials class. Cost: $50


The HypnoBirthing® Childbirth method is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free method of birthing.

This method of preparing for childbirth uses breathing techniques, visualizations, and deep relaxation techniques, so that throughout labor and delivery a person can be in a state of deep relaxation, yet completely awake and alert. Being deeply relaxed can help decrease tension and pain, and increase the likelihood of a safe, easier, more comfortable birth. Participants will learn the basics of childbearing, and much more. Topics include: having a calm, gentle birth, how the mind and emotions affect the body, preparing your mind and body for birth, breathing techniques, hypnotic relaxation and visualization, releasing negative emotions, fears, and limiting thoughts, the birthing process: understanding the stages of labor and delivery, preparing your birth vision, and postpartum.

The class consists of five 2.5-3 hour sessions and includes the HypnoBirthing® book, Rainbow Relaxation download card, and all class handouts. We recommend you begin this class around 20-25 weeks of pregnancy. Cost: $300

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