Our Stats

The Midwife Center consistently experiences excellent health outcomes for birthing people and infants. 

2023 Outcome Statistics*

In 2023, The Midwife Center's outcomes included:

  • 8% Cesarean Section rate compared to 32.1% nationally
  • 1.54% Premature Birth rate compared to 10.4% nationally
  • 1.54% Low Birthweight rate compared to 8.5% nationally

In 2022, The Midwife Center's outcomes included:

  • 5.2% Cesarean Section rate
  • 1.6% Premature Birth rate
  • 1.8% Low Birthweight rate

*compared to the most recent available CDC data for that year

Nationally, the birth center and midwife-led model of care results in better health outcomes, including decreases in racial and economic disparities:

"Their model of care should be the standard for all healthcare."

Jennifer Tomon, TMC Client

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