The "Witness"

Witness by Bekezela Mguni

Title: Witness: Honoring the Legacy of the Grand Midwives.

Artist: Bekezela Mguni
Medium: Traditional African fabric prints, Quilting, Collage, Digital Fabric Printing, and Digital Collage  
Size: 36 x 48 inches 


Center: Elder midwife’s Hands, Ella Old, Autauga County, Alabama. Photo by Sharon D. Blackmon, 1981 
Top left: Henrietta Atkins, Leon County, Florida. Born March 12, 1865
Center-left: Shug Lampley, Coffee County, Alabama 
Center right: Mary Francis Hill Coley, Georgia. Born August 15, 1900 
Center right: Georgianna Alexander Greenville, Florida. 
2nd Row left: Gladys Milton, Laurel Hill, Florida. Born 1924 
2nd Row right: Mamie Odessa Hale Garland, West Virginia, Arkansas, Pittsburgh. Born November 19, 1910 
3rd Row left: Margaret Charles Smith, Alabama. Born September 12, 1906 
3rd Row right: Sibby Kelly, Glynn County, Georgia. 
4th Row left: Aunt Dora Green, Eufaula, Alabama. 
4th Row right: Rachel Datcher, Shelby County, Alabama. Born 1870 
Bottom left: EJ Kirkland, Florida
Bottom left center large image: Maude Callen, Florida, South Carolina. Born November 8, 1898 
Bottom left center small image: Bridget “Biddy” Mason, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah, California. Born August 15, 1818 
Bottom right center small image: Aunt Sally, Gees Bend, Alabama. 
Bottom right center large image: Georgianna Pride, Miccosukee, FL  
Bottom right: Onnie Lee Logan, Alabama. Born around 1910 



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