Theresa’s first degree was in Elementary Education, and she worked briefly as a 4th grade teacher. She discovered midwifery while pregnant with her first child, and decided a career change was in order. After graduating from Shadyside School of Nursing, she began working as a labor & delivery nurse at Magee-Womens Hospital.

While working at Magee, Theresa continued her education to pursue a Masters in Nurse Midwifery at Frontier School of Midwifery. Towards the end of her Masters program, she worked briefly as a nurse at The Midwife Center as well. Her time at Magee gave her a solid foundation in taking care of laboring women, including those with significant complications. The combined experience of caring for laboring women in both high-risk and low-risk settings affirmed her belief that women with healthy pregnancies should have options surrounding their birth experience.

Theresa believes that birth is a normal process that can be an empowering experience in a woman’s life. She feels privileged to attend births and share in such an amazing part of a couple’s lives. Theresa joined the practice as a CNM in 2010. One of her additional roles at The Midwife Center is collecting and submitting data from all of our clients' pregnancies and births for the American Association of Birth Center's Perinatal Data Registry. This data collection is instrumental in documenting that midwifery care and out-of-hospital birth are safe options with good outcomes.