Covid-19 Safety - Risk Level RED

In order to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and to keep our clients, staff, and community safe, we have made temporary changes that impact some of our policies and services.

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What to Expect

At The Midwife Center, we strongly believe in empowering individuals and their families to take an active role in their own healthcare. We believe our job is to form a partnership with our clients to make sure they receive the best possible care.

Birth has the potential to be a transformational experience for a family. Our staff strives to maximize that potential. Our care is family-focused with family members, friends, and other support people always welcome at appointments and at delivery.

We achieve providing individualized care by including the following care for all of our families receiving prenatal and birth care in our facility:

  • A one-hour initial appointment including detailed history, full physical examination and risk assessment
  • 20-minute prenatal visits and education
  • Standard prenatal testing including blood work and ultrasounds as indicated. Learn more about getting lab work at The Midwife Center.
  • Consultation with physician specialists as needed
  • Phone consultation with our Certified Nurse-Midwives and Nurse Practitioner whenever needed
  • Labor, delivery and postpartum care in one of our comfortable birth suites with CNM and RN birth assistant
  • Freedom to labor and birth in different positions as desired by the mother
  • Intermittent fetal monitoring during labor and birth with the use of a handheld fetal monitoring machine.
  • Hydrotherapy during labor at the birth center as well as water birth for those families who desire and are appropriate for this option
  • Immediate skin-to-skin care and delayed cord clamping for all moms and babies unless medical necessities arise
  • A homemade breakfast for families who deliver at the birth center.
  • Hospital delivery for mothers who do not meet the safety criteria for birth in our facility 
  • Safe transfer to a hospital before, during or after labor/birth if needed.
  • Breastfeeding support at the birth center and through the early postpartum period with our lactation consultant. Learn about our breastfeeding support services.
  • Home visit(s) by an RN in the first few days after birth.‚Äč
  • 2 week and 6 week postpartum checkups at the birth center
  • Continued primary gynecological care including annual exams, contraceptive counseling and more. Learn about our primary gynecological services.
  • Flu and Tdap vaccines for current clients (unfortunately, we cannot provide these vaccinations for family members)

Interested in getting prenatal care with us? Learn more about starting prenatal care. 

At The Midwife Center, I felt like I had a say in what decisions were made regarding my prenatal care and birth. The midwives wanted me involved. When we hit unexpected turns in the pregnancy they talked me through everything, made me feel heard, and encouraged questions and conversations. I felt in charge of my body and pregnancy. - Tara, a client

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