Prenatal, Childbirth & Postpartum Care

Stein TMC-8Birth has the potential to be a transformational experience for a family. Our staff strives to maximize that potential. Our care is family-focused with family members, friends, and other support people always welcome at appointments and at delivery.

Your prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care at The Midwife Center will include the following. Please read more about our birth center birth option and our hospital birth option below.

  • A one-hour initial appointment including detailed history, full physical examination and risk assessment
  • Prenatal visits and education
  • Standard prenatal testing
  • Consultation with physician specialists (as needed)
  • Unlimited phone consultation with our Certified Nurse-Midwives and Nurse Practitioner
  • Labor, delivery and postpartum care in one of our comfortable birth suites with CNM and RN birth assistant
  • Hospital delivery for mothers who do not meet the safety criteria for birth in our facility or who choose this option
  • Freedom to labor in position of comfort with as many or as few companions as desired
  • Use of Jacuzzi during labor (birth center only)
  • No routine episiotomies or separation of mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding support at the birth center and through the early postpartum period with our lactation consultant. Learn about our breastfeeding support services.
  • Home visit(s) by an RN and 6 week postpartum checkups at the birth center

Desert Room View 1Birth Options

To learn more about our prenatal care and birthing at the birth center or the hospital, please call us at 412.321.6880 to register for an Orientation. Orientations are usually held on Tuesday nights and sometimes on other nights. Please see our calendar.

Birth center birth option

Our midwives and nurses can help you have your baby at our safe, home-like birth center at 2825 Penn Ave. The first floor of our birth center houses three themed birth suites (Ocean, Desert and Forest), each with its own large bathroom, Jacuzzi and a Queen size bed. Our family kitchen is also on the first floor, which you, your family and friends are welcome to use.

Check out our album on Flickr for more photos of our facility.

Hospital birth option

** If you have Highmark Insurance, please skip down to the information below. **

Hospital birth at UPMC Mercy: Our midwives have privileges at UPMC Mercy in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We can help you have your baby there if you do not meet the safety criteria for a birth center birth or if you choose to deliver your baby at the hospital. Should any complications arise, our consulting physicians are available and your care will be co-managed with the doctor.

For a hospital tour of UPMC Mercy for expectant parents, please contact UPMC Mercy Family Maternity Center at 412.802.8299.

If you have Highmark insurance, please read the section below.

Hospital birth for women with Highmark insurance

For our clients with Highmark insurance, our primary referral hospital is West Penn Hospital.

If you are currently pregnant with Highmark insurance we welcome you to plan your birth at our birth center. The Midwife Center still accepts Highmark insurance for all of its services at The Midwife Center. However, UPMC Mercy’s contract with Highmark recently ended and Highmark consumers no longer have in-network access to UPMC Mercy for labor and delivery. You may have the option to pay out-of-network rates (unless you have Highmark Community Blue, which offers no access to UPMC hospitals). Please check with your insurance.

What happens if you need hospital care:
– If you develop a complication during pregnancy and are no longer eligible for a birth center birth, but are still appropriate for midwifery care, we will recommend that you transfer to The Allegheny Women’s Health Midwifery Practice at West Penn Hospital.
– While in labor at our birth center, if you develop a routine complication that requires hospital care though you are still appropriate for midwifery care, we will transfer you to The Allegheny Women’s Health Midwifery Practice at West Penn Hospital.
– If you’re in labor at our birth center and need immediate physician care, we will transfer you to physicians at West Penn Hospital

– If you would like to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), The Midwife Center does not do VBAC births at the birth center. We recommend you establish care with the midwife practice at West Penn.

We encourage all of our clients who have Highmark insurance to contact West Penn to schedule a tour of their labor and delivery facilities in the event that they need hospital care. You can schedule a tour by calling 412-578-7030.