Midwife Fellowship

We are thrilled that more women and families than ever are researching their options and deciding to come to our birth center for their pregnancy, birthing, and well-woman care. In 2013, our midwives and nurses helped our clients deliver 423 babies (double the number in 2007) and we expect that number to increase. We are working to increase The Midwife Center’s capacity so that we can accept more women for care.

As one way to address the growing demand for our services, The Midwife Center developed the Ruth Brexendorf Stifel Fellowship in 2010. Named after our founding Medical Director’s (Dr. Elizabeth Stifel) mother-in-law, the fellowship was designed for new midwife graduates to have up to a one-year placement at TMC that includes an extended orientation and educational and leadership opportunities. Once the fellow is oriented, she will work as a full member of our provider staff so that we can take care of more women in the practice.

The Fellowship also helps The Midwife Center address the national shortage of midwives with birth center experience and therefore have more of an impact on maternal and infant health outcomes in our region and beyond. It also addresses TMC’s long-term goals of providing educational opportunities for midwives to strengthen the midwifery profession and birth center model of care, which are being recognized locally and nationally as providing high quality, low cost care.

Contributions to the Ruth Brexendorf Stifel Fellowship help keep The Midwife Center’s unique services accessible to more women and families in our region, and contributes to the future of birth centers in the United States. To donate, please click here.

Ruth Brexendorf Stifel Fellows
Theresa Schmidt, CNM, MSN – 2010 fellow. Currently on staff at The Midwife Center
Emily McGahey, CNM, MSN – 2011 fellow. Currently on staff at The Midwife Center
Aoife O’Brien, CNM, MSN – 2012 fellow
Kellie Northam, CNM, MSN – 2013 fellow
Annie McFarlane, CNM, MSN – 2013 fellow
Phoebe Lehr, CNM, MSN – 2014 fellow
Sarah LaGrand, CNM, MSN – 2014 fellow
Amanda Shafton, CNM, MSN – 2014-2015 fellow. Currently on staff at The Midwife Center
Dia Brooks, CNM, DNP – 2014-2015 fellow. Currently on staff at The Midwife Center
Jatolloa Davis, CNM, MSN – 2015 fellow. Currently on staff at The Midwife Center
Nia Graziano, CNM, MSN – 2017 fellow