With Woman Fridays/Con Mujeres

In 2003, The Midwife Center initiated its innovative With Woman Fridays walk-in program. We started the program with a seed grant from the Maurice Falk Medical Fund to help women who experience financial and other barriers to obtain quality well-woman services. In 2006, with the help of several other foundations and donor contributions, we added a monthly Con Mujeres program for Spanish-speaking women, as well as a nurse to help with the initial client intake process and to provide additional health education. In 2015, we received a grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation to expand the program starting in July 2015.

Named after the meaning of the word “midwife” (with woman), With Woman Fridays and Con Mujeres have served thousands of women with services such as routine check-ups, pap tests, STI checks, breast exams and family planning services on a walk-in basis. In 2013, we saw women for nearly 400 appointments during With Woman Fridays/Con Mujeres.

Program initiator and former TMC midwife, Kathy McKain describes the need for With Woman Fridays/Con Mujeres: “The program was created after we identified consistent reasons why women were not seeking healthcare. We wanted to create a program that eliminated those barriers, such as lack of insurance, finances, childcare and difficulty keeping appointments. As a result, we have seen all sorts of women come to the program for regular care. We have discovered that many women who are going through transitions in their lives or are just starting well-woman care benefit from the program. We also hope to provide a pleasant experience for women who have avoided the healthcare system because of bad experiences in their past. Once they come to With Woman Fridays, they establish a good relationship with our practice and are more likely to come back again for care.”

With Woman Fridays and Con Mujeres are supported by The Midwife Center’s Bubbe Hannah Fund (PDF) and contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. If you would like to support this vital program and other TMC programs, please click here.