Breastfeeding Support

The Midwife Center provides information and support for clients to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding classes, lactation consultation appointments and postpartum support phone calls are offered by Certified Lactation Consultant Cheryl Bradshaw, RN, BSN, IBCLC.

The Midwife Center has a strong record of breastfeeding initiation and duration rates, especially compared to our geographic service area. In 2011, The Midwife Center had a nearly 100% breastfeeding initiation rate and a 85% breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks postpartum, compared to a 68.9% initiation rate for Allegheny County.

Breastfeeding Support Immediately after Birth
In most cases, babies are placed directly on the mother’s chest after birth. Babies are allowed to stay there for one hour and self-attach. Our nurses are trained to help if the baby doesn’t attach on his or her own. We keep babies skin-to-skin during the family’s stay at The Midwife Center. Although not officially certified as “baby friendly,” The Midwife Center follows all Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding as part of the WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative guidelines.

Home Care
Breastfeeding is assessed as part of our nurses’ routine home visits following a birth at our center. Our nurses are able to help with latch difficulties and answer questions. If more help is needed, the nurses consult with our on-staff Lactation Consultant.

Postpartum Phone Counseling
Postpartum Phone counseling is offered to all first-time mothers and those in need of additional support during the postpartum period. The purpose of the calls is to counsel new mothers on breastfeeding, nutrition/safety issues, postpartum depression (screenings) and provide referrals as needed. Calls are made for the first six weeks postpartum.

Lactation Consultations
The Midwife Center offers hour-long lactation consults for clients who experience issues with breastfeeding. We also offer appointments during pregnancy for clients who have concerns that need to be addressed, as well as appointments to discuss concerns about returning to work. Appointments can be made by calling the front office at 412.321.6880.

Breastfeeding Class
Our popular breastfeeding class is for families interested in learning more about breastfeeding between the 33rd to 37th week of pregnancy. If this is your first baby or if you have breastfed before and need a refresher, please consider taking this fun, informal class. Topics include: breast care and problems, positioning and latch-on, how often/how long to nurse, how to determine if your baby is getting enough milk, pumping/storing milk and more. Scholarships are available for clients who meet income requirements. Please see our class page for more information about taking this great class.

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