Primary Gynecological Care

TMC February 2011-40Our Midwives and Nurse Practitioner take care of the reproductive health needs of clients of all ages. Whether you’re due for your annual exam, want to start birth control or are having a gynecological issue, we can help! Our goal is to respect you and to provide you with safe and satisfying care.

This care includes:

  • Complete history and physical exams, including annual exams
  • Pelvic exams and Pap tests
  • STI/vaginal infection screening and treatment
  • Contraceptives, including emergency contraceptives
  • Natural family planning and fertility awareness
  • Preconception counseling and pregnancy testing
  • Wellness promotion
  • Referrals for mammography
  • Menopausal care

We accept most private insurance plans, most medical assistance plans and we can also talk to you about your options if you do not have insurance.

You may call our front office at 412.321.6880 to make an appointment or ask questions about insurance and payment. You may also come to our With Woman Fridays walk-in program on Fridays from 12:30-5:00pm.