Breastfeeding Class







This class is offered to all women interested in learning more about breastfeeding between the 33rd to 37th week of pregnancy. If this is your 1st baby or you have breastfed before & need a refresher on new information available, the information you need is condensed in a fun, informal class. Your partner is encouraged to attend, as well as any other family members. This comprehensive class includes: breast care & problems, positioning & latch-on, how often/how long to nurse, how to determine if your baby is getting enough, pumping/storing milk and more.

Please note that a scholarship fund is available for people who meet the income requirements.

Register for this class by downloading the Class Registration Form (purple button above) or call 412.321.6880 to register.

Note: Class curriculums are geared to out-of-hospital birth at our birth center. If you are not a client of The Midwife Center, you may register for our classes one week in advance if there are extra spots. Please call our Front Office no more than one week prior to the class you would like to register for.