Client Letter 8.30.22 - Covid-19 Maintenance Precautions

Hi TMC Clients,

Thank you for helping us keep infection spread low at TMC! We have decided to come to a baseline standard of infection prevention or "Maintenance Precautions" for TMC. These precautions will continue to limit the spread and keep clients and staff safe. We appreciate your ongoing support.

These precautions are what you should expect for your care at this time.

  • Unlimited support people for in-office and labor care
  • Client and support people should wear a mask in the building
  • If your children accompany you to a visit, please attempt to mask kids above 2 years old
  • The laboring client and primary support person do not need to mask in the labor room. Additional support people and doulas should mask

Please continue to notify our clinical staff if you have a Covid exposure, have symptoms of Covid, or test positive for Covid so that we can help guide your care, testing, and quarantine as needed.

We acknowledge that adjustments may become necessary if different strains or spread change the current illness trajectory of covid. We will notify you if/when we decide any changes to our precautions need to be made.

Thank you!

TMC Staff