A Light in the Dark


"Having someone to listen to me, and help me see the light in the dark was exactly what I needed through this emotional pregnancy."

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No one should face difficult feelings alone during pregnancy. 

Our society tends to think of pregnancy as a joyful time for the mother-to-be. And it often is. But for many individuals, pregnancy and the postpartum period can be a time of doubt, anxiety, or depression.

Meet Samantha, a recent Midwife Center client who we had the honor of caring for during her pregnancy.

Samantha’s story

"After having a hospital birth, I knew I wanted something different for my second baby. When I found The Midwife Center I was so excited to begin my care with them.

However, my excitement was short-lived. I found myself overcome with extreme disinterest in my own life, let alone my precious baby. I couldn't understand why. I couldn't come up with a reason for my feelings no matter how hard I searched, which forced me to bury them within myself, withdrawing me from reality. Pregnancy went from being neutral and unemotional to a very negative association in my mind.

When The Midwife Center slipped me a piece of paper asking me if I had any of these feelings, it was like an answer to a prayer. Someone was willing to hear that a pregnant woman was not happy and listen to what she had to say. That piece of paper was the first step to saving my life.
Based on my answers on that piece of paper, Emily, one of the midwives, met me with compassion, and assured me that I was not the "broken woman" I felt like I was, and that these feelings do not make me a bad person or mom. It was comforting hearing these words. She told me about The Midwife Center’s new Behavioral Health & Wellness program, and recommended I meet with Jul, the Behavioral Health Specialist.

Jul took the time to not just meet with me, but also include my husband in our meetings to get an idea of the full home situation. With each visit she challenged me to set small goals to recovery so that happiness didn't seem so unattainable. Having someone to listen to me, and help me see the light in the dark was exactly what I needed through this emotional pregnancy. This was a battle I would have lost had I had to endure it alone.

It was a long road, but thanks to Jul I was able to finally enjoy my pregnancy and begin bonding with my unborn baby, and cherish the time I had left with my son as a single child. She equipped me with the tools I needed to not only fight off depression during pregnancy, but also feel more prepared once baby arrived.

After my little girl was born, Jul took the time to reach out to me and check on me. I needed that! It was so reassuring to have the support and additional resources readily available. It was the fuel I needed to keep pushing forward in recovery and a relief so that I can relax and finally enjoy my proud role as a mother in a family of four. We have had ten beautiful days with a newborn and no blue feelings at all. I firmly attribute this to my prenatal care with The Midwife Center team, including Jul.

I am so thankful I chose The Midwife Center for countless reasons, but Jul is at the very top of those reasons. I truly believe that without her, I may not be here today to share my newfound happiness and positive baby story."

- Samantha, a Midwife Center client

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