A letter from Ché Jones, TMC Client

As a client of The Midwife Center, I would like to share with you why your support of this special place would mean so much to me. Growing up, I knew that women who went to The Midwife Center didn't want to birth their baby in a hospital setting, but I never fully knew much about it. The main thing I did know was, it was cool!

Fast-forward to more then twenty years later, and here I am having my baby in that same place where women birth their babies in a non-medical setting and in a way they'd like. From the very moment I stepped foot in The Midwife Center, it felt right and like home.

My first appointment included a meeting with the Behavioral Health & Wellness Specialist, Jul. I was having a hard time dealing with guilt for having another baby, weaning my son from nursing, and also taking time from him. My other issue was losing my father, who had passed some months back, and it was hard dealing with his death. Meeting with Jul was very beneficial to me. Life before, during, and after baby can be trying, and life overall at times can be trying, so it's nice to have someone to help you and speak with you.

During my pregnancy, coming to appointments was such a breath of fresh air. I was in control of my pregnancy. Pregnancy and childbirth are treated as natural here, as they should be. The midwives and staff met all of my wants and needs. They discussed my previous birth with me, which was in a hospital where I was forced to get induced.

The birth of my daughter on May 10, 2018 was one of the most important, beautiful, triumphant and memorable days of my life not just for the obvious, but also because of the way The Midwife Center handled my birth. I cannot tell you enough how amazed, appreciative, and pleased I am with The Midwife Center. They were not only beyond wonderful to my family and me, but they were especially wonderful to my 2.5-year-old son who was allowed to be present in the room right after I gave birth. It felt so good having Emersyn MY WAY, in a cozy, homelike setting.

I know my experience could've only happened at The Midwife Center, so for that I am forever grateful! Where else could one go and receive therapy, support groups, classes, and care all in the same place?

I appreciate The Midwife Center staff, their kindness, support and all they do for women and our care. This holiday season, please consider supporting The Midwife Center so that more women in our region can have a wonderful experience like I did.


Ché Jones, Midwife Center client

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