Aya Eliza-Christie, MSN, CNM now staff midwife

Aya Eliza-Christie, MSN, CNM sitting on bed in birth suite at The Midwife Center

Many of you had the opportunity to meet Aya Eliza-Christie, MSN, CNM during her fellowship at The Midwife Center. Aya completed her fellowship in November, and we are pleased to welcome Aya to the clinical staff at The Midwife Center!

The Ruth Brexendorf Stifel Fellowship has been a wonderful gift of mentorship and steady skills-building over the past year. I had the benefit of wonderful teaching from the midwives at The Midwife Center that was unique in its focus on developing experience in out-of-hospital birth skills with the ability to transfer clients when necessary and continue care as their provider in the hospital. The training is inclusive of gynecologic care and annual wellness exams.

The best thing about getting to work at The Midwife Center is having the time to truly build relationships and work together with clients and their families. I look forward to continuing my learning to increase access to midwifery care in Pittsburgh, working collectively with community partners for a foundation of health equity.

My goals are to improve my skills and dedicate time to centering the experiences and needs of folks who are most often marginalized: Black mothers and families, communities of color and immigrant communities, and LGBTQ folks seeking reproductive health care and building families. There is amazing work happening at the local and national levels, and leaders are emerging to offer guidance based on their own lived experiences. Collective interdisciplinary work will make a huge difference in the holistic well-being of the people that we are privileged to serve, and I am happy and humbled to get to be a new midwife in the mix.

- Aya Eliza-Christie, MSN, CNM


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