Client Letter 3.22.23 - Covid-19 Updates

Dear TMC Clients,

The number of COVID-positive cases in Allegheny County has been persistently low in recent months, reflecting national trends. Given these improving conditions, TMC has decided that starting 3/24/2023, masking will be optional for clients and staff during appointments and labor and postpartum care. Any client or staff who wants to continue to mask is encouraged and welcomed to wear a mask in our building. Staff will mask upon request for any client. Air purifiers will remain in place in each exam, birth room, and waiting room. Clients may wait outside before their appointment after checking in or request a more private place to wait if available. Please let front office staff know if you would like this for your appointment.

We will continue prioritizing clients' health and maintaining safety measures for clients with immune system considerations, especially pregnant people and young babies and children. Any client who is feeling ill should stay home. Specifically, anyone who experiences a fever should stay home until they have had 24 hours without fever without using a fever reducer. Anyone with a cough, nasal congestion, or other symptoms of upper respiratory illness who is fever free will be asked to mask in the building while they have symptoms.

Along with healthcare providers worldwide, we will continue to learn from the experiences of the SARS-COV2 pandemic. Many of the tools used to reduce the spread of COVID can be implemented to prevent the spread of other contagious diseases. Masking, hand-washing, social distancing, vaccination, Telehealth appointments, and virtual classes are all tools that have saved lives, reduced illness, and interruptions to work and school, and increased access to healthcare. Increased information and public health advocacy can prevent the future spread and be available as needed in times of illness.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Clinical Director, Emily McGahey, at 412-321-6880, ext 209.

Thank you!
TMC Staff