Client Update Letter 1.4.2022

Dear TMC Families, 

We are seeing record-breaking numbers of Covid-19 cases in our area. Keeping in line with our previous messages about keeping TMC safe we have moved into the Dark Red category of our Covid Safety plan based on the current significant risk of community spread in our area. You can read all about how TMC care will look based on community spread at our website here.

We are asking that for the next two weeks you come to your prenatal visits alone. We really know how important it is to have support people for your visits, but decreasing the number of people in our building each day helps us protect staff and clients so we are asking for this change just for the short term. You can resume having one (vaccinated preferred) support person with you on 1/18 unless we communicate otherwise with you before that date. 

In addition, we would like for you to consider changing your appointment to telehealth if you are able to in the next two weeks. Our staff may also reach out to you to offer telehealth if we review your chart and think that at this time your care will not be affected by having a telehealth visit. Again, reducing opportunities for spreading Covid right now helps all of us. 

Here is additional information about how care will look while we are in the Dark Red zone: 

  • Masks
    • TMC will follow all ACHD/CDC masking recommendations for clinical care (office/birth).  
    • You and your support people/persons should plan to wear your mask covering your nose and mouth the entire time you are in the building unless you are in active labor.
    • We may ask you to put on one of our surgical medical-grade masks if you are wearing a cloth mask.
  • Office Considerations
    • We encourage you to consider telehealth visits as appropriate for your care 
    • We ask that you socially distance in waiting areas
  • Children
    • We ask that you only bring your children as necessary to provide safe care
    • Children who are too young to mask or who can not mask are recommended not to attend visits for their own safety and the safety of our clients
    • If this restriction is difficult for you or your family, please speak to TMC staff to see how we can accommodate you prior to your visit
  • Birth Care Support People
    • We ask that you only have 2 support people (these two people do not include your vaccinated doula)
    • All support people MUST BE masked at all times while in the building without exception
    • All support people must remain in the client’s room - no walking around the center

If you or one of your family members are sick or exposed to Covid we will recommend you be tested before in-person care at TMC. One of the simplest ways to get tested in Allegheny County is with Curative. They have rotating sites around the city 7 days a week. Book an appointment here.

We also continue to strongly recommend vaccination for pregnant people and their families as recommended by the CDC, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American College of Nurse-Midwives. Pregnant people and their babies are at increased risk of complications from Covid-19 illness. Vaccinations are available at all pharmacies usually by appointment only. Read more about the Covid vaccine in pregnancy here.

Please continue to check the homepage of The Midwife Center a couple of days before your scheduled appointment to see what current precautions TMC is taking to reduce the spread of illness in our building. The category is subject to change at any time based on the spread in our community.

Thank you for adapting with us as we continue to move through this time. We are grateful to have you in our care!

With gratitude,

TMC Staff