TMC’s Expanded Services & Mental Health Care in the News (January 2023)

An graphic with photos of Emily McGahey alongside the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette logo and Jul Bibro-Ruch alongside The Confluence logo. The image says "Midwife Center in the News".

“We’re always kind of assessing how we could benefit our community to decrease barriers and increase access.” - Emily McGahey, DM, MSN, CNM, FACNM, Clinical Director

The Midwife Center has expanded and added new services over the past year. From new Family Building Services (IUI/ICI) to increasing gynecological appointments and lactation support, we continue to provide comprehensive care for clients throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Recently, these expanded and new services were featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The article, by Anya Sostek, features Emily McGahey alongside TMC clients who shared their experiences with The Midwife Center.

Read the article:

The Midwife Center also had the opportunity to highlight our behavioral health & wellness services on The Confluence on 90.5 WESA. Jul Bibro-Ruch, LCSW, CYT, PMH-C, Senior Staff, Behavioral Health & Wellness, joined a panel of local experts on postpartum support for parents in what is known as “the fourth trimester.”

Jul highlighted the role the Postpartum Support Group can play in supporting people experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety, saying, “the group members really have shared how important that is, to not be alone, to have each other, and to know that whatever their experience is, [it] is valid, even if it’s different.”

Jul also discussed the way societal expectations can shape someone’s experience of postpartum depression and anxiety:

“The statistics around postpartum depression and anxiety peak at 3 months postpartum, and so I think that speaks to our culture when people are typically going back to work. And, like Ta’Lor [Pinkston, Moving Beyond Depression clinician with Healthy Start] said, it’s a privilege to have paid time off and in what kind of paid time off and it’s a disparity…when people don’t.”

Listen to the full conversation:

Our services will continue to grow in 2023. This year, we will be adding Centering Pregnancy in partnership with Healthy Start and begin providing ultrasound services. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates on these exciting new services.