"Birth Center U" culminates with students' deep appreciation for client-centered care

Student and midwives demonstrating birth; three smiling high school students standing outside of The Midwife Center, high school students practicing suturing placentas

School has begun, the leaves are starting to change, and now we say goodbye to our "Birth Center U" summer interns Kaece, Mariah, and Shahada. These high school students, who are part of the Neighborhood Learning Alliance's Summer College in High School program, spent the summer with midwives Jatolloa Davis, MSN, CNM (coordinator) and Nia Graziano, MSN, CNM as well as other staff to witness firsthand what personalized, respectful reproductive care looks like.

By the end of the summer, all three students came away with the same message - that people deserve care that is patient-centered, whole person-focused, and respectful.

Q: What was your favorite thing you did during your time at The Midwife Center?

Mariah - "Watching a woman in labor, breastfeeding class."

Kaece - "The birth simulation was my favorite."

Shahada - "I really liked the hands-on parts of the things we did, like suturing placentas and finding heart tones."

Q: What are your goals for after high school?

Mariah - "I will own my own business in something that can really benefit the world. Maybe even creating another midwifery birth center."

Kaece - "To do good in college and graduate and become a nurse. [This] was a wonderful program that taught me a lot that I plan on using in my career."

Shahada - "After high school I plan to got to CCAC for sonogram tech, and possibly get my certification in doula care. I just really want to further my education in women's health."

The Midwife Center is grateful for the opportunity to pilot this important program and work with these students. We can’t wait to see how Kaece, Mariah, and Shahada may one day change health care right here in Pittsburgh.

This is a follow-up to our initial blog post about this program.

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